Samsung confirms it will unveil its foldable smartphone on Feb 20

Samsung has released a teaser for its upcoming foldable device, revealing a February 20th launch date.

The teaser doesn’t give any further details about the handset.

However, Samsung has previously indicated that the device will sport two displays: one foldable 7.3-inch panel with a 1,536 x 2,152-pixel resolution and another smaller 4.58-inch cover screen with an 840 x 1,960-pixel resolution when hybrid device is closed.

Samsung’s foldable handset also sports ‘Multi-Active Window’ support that allows users to open up to three apps simultaneously.

Additionally, both the cover display and the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex screen support app continuity, which means when a user opens an app on the cover display and then unfolds the device, the same app opens up on the inside screen as well.

Samsung’s foldable smartphone will also feature the company’s One UI.

Samsung will unveil its foldable handset alongside the S10 series on February 20th.