Online photo storage site Flickr won’t delete your photos until March 12th

Flickr is giving its users a bit of extra time to download their images


Flickr is tightening the restraints on its free tier account by limiting users to only being able to store 1,000 pictures.

That means anyone who uses the free version of Flickr and has over 1,000 images will lose some of their images if they don’t back them up by March 12th.

Flickr originally planned to delete the images on February 6th, but complications made the company push the date back until early March.

Now, users have around a month to go online and download their Flickr files. If you only want to download enough photos to get your library under the cap, then start with the oldest ones first. TechCrunch reports that Flickr is deleting the oldest images first.

To retrieve your photos, log into Flickr on the web and enter the settings menu. From there scroll down and choose the ‘Request my Flickr data’ button.

If you’re Flickr account is attached to your email you’ll receive a zip file containing all of your images in one easy step.

Source: TechCrunch