Apple is compensating the teenager who uncovered FaceTime Group Chat security flaw

It looks like Apple will compensate the 14-year-old who uncovered the now fixed iOS FaceTime Group chat security flaw.

The Verge confirmed Apple plans to pay Michele Thompson’s 14-year-old son Grant Thompson for discovering that if you add yourself to a Group FaceTime Chat, it forces the receiver to automatically answer the call before it is picked up.

Though Michele Thompson repeatedly reached out to Apple through multiple avenues regarding the bug, the tech giant did not take note of it. It remains unclear how long Apple was aware of the Group FaceTime security flaw. The company pulled the Group Chat feature from FaceTime shortly after the security flaw was revealed.

Apple has since fixed the Group FaceTime issue with the release of iOS 12.1.4. The release ofiOS’ Group FaceTime feature was delayed multiple times before releasing alongside iOS 12.1.

It’s unclear how much money Apple is paying the Thompson family, though the tech giant says that it is also providing funding for Grant Thompson’s college tuition along with additional monetary compensation.

Source: The Verge