Destiny 2 is now $5 at EB Games Canada

Destiny 2 screenshot

Destiny 2 has really gone down in price.

Since the game’s release in September of 2017, the title’s price has been reduced by $75 CAD at EB Games. This means you can now purchase Destiny 2 for just $5. It also seems like this isn’t even a sale and that the price has simply dropped for the title across PS4, Xbox One and PC.

However, for the complete Forsaken Legendary Collection, you’ll still have to pay a pretty penny since it’s priced at $79.99.

However, for PlayStation Plus members, $5 for Destiny 2 might be a little pricey. In September anyone with a PS Plus membership was able to get Destiny 2 for free.

It’s also important to note that the used version of Destiny is still $14.99.

Currently, Destiny 2 on PC and Xbox One is sold out at EB, but those on PS4 — who missed out on the game when it was free — can check it out here.