A confident Tesla is sharing its patents with other companies

Is Tesla far enough ahead of the pack to make this worth it?

Tesla has joined the open-source movement, and has announced that it will shares its patents with others to help advance the electric vehicle (EV) industry.

In a June 12th, 2014 Tesla blog post penned by the co-founder and CEO Elon Musk explains that Tesla was created to help “accelerate the advent of sustainable transport.”

Lately, Tesla has been playing a little to competitively by laying “intellectual property landmines behind” them to slow down competitors, says Musk in the post.

Further, into the post he explains that Tesla began using patents since it was afraid that larger automakers would be able to take Tesla’s ideas and use their considerable manufacturing and marketing strengths to beat Tesla out of the market.

Since then Tesla’s realized that the significant automakers lagged behind them more than it expected.  Therefore, the comapny now feels safe to let others use their intellectual property.

“We believe that Tesla, other companies making electric cars, and the world would all benefit from a common, rapidly-evolving technology platform,” reads a line from the blog post.

Overall, Tesla does have a lot of technology that makes its vehicles very attractive to modern consumers. This makes it interesting to see if this open-sourced plan includes things like Autopilot tech or other Tesla features that are less related to the car being electric.

Source: Tesla