Sony expands PlayStation’s cloud storage to 100GB for PS Plus members

It's unclear when the cloud storage expansion will take effect

PlayStation 4 Pro front

With the announcement of February’s free games with PS Plus, Sony also announced an expansion to its cloud storage space.

Beginning in early February 2019, Sony will expand cloud storage space on the PS4 from 10GB to 100GB for PS Plus members.

This will allow gamers to save even more progress and character profiles from a single PS4 console.

While a person’s PlayStation library can hold a number of titles, the library doesn’t hold any of the character’s progress. Cloud storage saves game progress online and lets users continue on another console. This is especially useful when upgrading from a PS4 Slim or the original PS4 to a PS4 Pro.

There are two ways to save games to the cloud.

Press the options button on your controller with a specific title and press ‘Upload All’ or ‘Select and Upload’ to save files.

The other way to save games to the cloud is to go into ‘Settings,’ then ‘Application Saved Data,’ then choose ‘Saved Data in System Storage’ followed by ‘Upload to Online Storage.’

Players then simply need to pick a specific title and choose whether they want to save all data or just specific save files.

Sony hasn’t announced exactly when it plans on expanding cloud storage.

Source: PS Blog