Netflix Canada beginning to inform subscribers about upcoming price increase

The price increase means that Netflix will be one of the costlier streaming services in Canada

Netflix Canada appears to be informing subscribers about the streaming giant’s upcoming price hike.

According to a January 8th, 2019 Narcity article, users who log into their Netflix accounts are beginning to see notifications informing them that the U.S.-based streaming giant is set to increase its fees on February 9th.

Furthermore, a tweet from user @sandiek1963stated they received an email that “rates go up on Feb 3/19,” suggesting that Netflix’s price increase might affect users sometime in February.

In an email to MobileSyrup, Netflix explained that “Members will be notified through email and will also receive a notification within the app 30 days ahead of their price increase.”

“Timing will be based on the specific member’s billing cycle and will be rolled out gradually,” wrote Netflix, in the same email.

Once the price increase comes into effect, Netflix’s ‘Basic’ plans will cost $9.99-per-month; ‘Standard’ plans will cost $13.99-per-month; and ‘Premium’ plans will cost $16.99-per-month.

The price increase means that Netflix will be one of the costlier streaming service offerings in Canada.

For comparison, an Amazon Prime Video subscription — included in the cost of Amazon Prime service — costs $7.99-per-month, while the standard Crave subscription costs $9.99-per-month.

Despite the increase, however, Netflix’s Premium subscription will still be cheaper than a premium-tier Crave + Movies + HBO subscription, which costs the standard $9.99-per-month, plus an additional $9.99-per-month for access to most of HBO’s catalogue of programming, including the latest seasons of Game of Thrones and Westworld, as well as a constantly updated collection of new films released on home media.

It’s worth noting that a MobileSyrup Premium Netflix account has yet to receive any notification indicating an upcoming price increase.

Source: Narcity