Apple touts iPhone XR’s bright colours in new ‘Colour Flood’ ad

iPhone XR Color Flood gif

Despite its shortcomings, I really like the iPhone XR.

I even cited Apple’s not-very-entry-level smartphone as my favourite of the year during MobileSyrup’s recent year-end smartphone SyrupCast podcast.

With frequent reports of waning XR sales in specific regions, it looks like Apple’s marketing machine is kicking into high gear. A mesmerizing new ad focused on the smartphone aims to emphasize its bright, 1970s-inspired pastel colours.

The roughly minute-long ad, called ‘Color Flood,’ shows off what looks like a totalitarian society with hundreds of people running through the streets wearing simple, bright uniforms.

Most of the shades represent already released iPhone XR hues, which includes ‘Black,’ ‘White,’ ‘Red,’ ‘Blue,’ ‘Yellow,’ and of course, ‘Coral.’ There are also green and purple coloured jumpsuits in the ad as well, though assuming that the addition of these hues indicates more shades are coming to the XR would be a bit of a stretch.

Though I always prefer smartphone ads where the manufacturer in question is taking shots at the competition, this latest marketing effort from the Cupertino, California-based tech giant is a refreshing change of pace.