Google may have fixed the Pixel 3 ‘fatal error’ camera bug

Users who tried to take a photo with a third-party app would get a black screen and a "fatal error" message

Pixel 3

Google may have fixed a bug with third-party cameras in the December security patch.

The error affected some Pixel 3 and 3 Xl owners, where third-party apps that used that camera would fail with a “fatal error” or similar warning. Further, the issue would persist across reboots.

For example, if you tried to take a photo using the camera built into Instagram, you’d get a black screen with an error message such as “the camera device encountered a fatal error.”

While not everyone experienced the issue, several reports have surfaced claiming the recent December security patch resolved the problem.

Unfortunately, some users also claim the issue is still present. Google has remained silent on the subject.

Further, the December security patch notes don’t specifically mention a fix for the camera. The closest item to that is a camera patch that improves “camera capture performance.”

While it could be a patch for the fatal error bug, it likely has nothing to do with it.

Let us know down below if your Pixel 3 or 3 XL had the camera issue. If it did, did the December patch fix the problem?

Source: Pixel User Community Via: Android Police