Canada comes to hit strategy game Sid Meier’s Civilization VI

Canada is finally taking some of the spotlight in video games

Canadian content is coming to strategy game Civilization VI’s Gathering Storm expansion — and it’s bringing mounties and hockey rinks with it.

Players take on the role of Wilfrid Laurier, Canada’s 7th Prime Minister, as they order around mounties and build rinks to increase their culture score. Canada will also be able to develop more types of buildings on tundra and snow tiles.

Further, Canada has a new ability called the ‘Four Faces of Peace,’ which means the country can’t declare ‘Surprise war’ and that it’s safe from other nations declaring ‘Suprise war’ on it.

There are more Canadian specific features in the Gathering Storm expansion, with Canada looking like it’s the best option for people that prefer approaching Civilization VI peacefully.

The DLC launches on February 14th, 2019 for $53.49 CAD on Steam.

Source: Civilization VI YouTube Via: PC Gamer