Uber Eats reveals Torontonian order habits for 2018

Torontonians really like their burgers, apparently

Uber Eats app

Uber Eats has officially been in Toronto for three years as of Sunday, December 9th, and to celebrate the milestone, the food delivery service is revealing what Torontonians like to order the most.

To start, Uber Eats says that Toronto’s favourite food item to order is burgers, leading some joints, like Burger’s Priest, to “fundamentally change their restaurant layouts” in some locations to accommodate orders.

Uber also revealed the following Toronto Uber Eats user statistics:

  • Biggest basket size order made since Uber Eats launched in Toronto was $894.00
  • Enough burritos were ordered to cover the floor of Casa Loma over four times
  • Enough tacos were ordered to make a stack as tall as 25 CN Towers
  • More burgers were ordered than the number of people who visited The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) last year

Uber only released figures for Toronto Uber Eats orders, given that the service first expanded into Canada through the city. However, Toronto is just one of 100 Canadian cities to be serviced by Uber Eats.

Uber also appears to be looking into grocery delivery in Toronto, according to a recently posted job listing.