Five tips when shopping for a mobile device on Black Friday [Brought to you by The Mobile Shop]

Above all, one thing we know for sure is that many of us can’t live without our smartphones. Since our mobile devices have become a life necessity, it’s important to pick the right one.

Canadians are gearing up to take advantage of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and many are looking at upgrading to a newer device. But how do you choose? Do you make your decision based on carrier, battery life, camera quality, price, or by screen size?

To cut out the clutter and confusion this year you could head on over to The Mobile Shop at your local Real Canadian Superstore and chat with an expert.

Here are five key considerations to get you started:

iOS or Android –  One of the first things to consider is loyalty. As in, Apple or Android? If you’re a clear Apple fanatic, then your job becomes a lot simpler. Simply take a look at the latest and greatest in the iPhone offerings, which today means the iPhone X, XS and XR. If it’s Android, then your world becomes a lot bigger with a plethora of options from a variety of brands, such as Samsung, Huawei and LG. If you’re not sure where to start here, consider this rule of thumb: iOS is an intuitive format, where Android allows for more customization options.

Not selfie shy – We live in a world where the smartphone has pretty much replaced not only digital cameras, but even professional DLRs in many cases. Smartphone providers compete on providing the best camera. If you’re a photo fanatic or aspiring influencer, make sure you get a smartphone with a top quality camera. We know major players like Apple and Samsung really focus here, but Huawei’s partnership with camera company Leica has upped its game and its smartphone camera experience now include four lenses on the back of the device. By choosing either the Huawei P10 or P20, you can get all the right angles.

Life and death – We all know someone who is constantly looking for a plug to make sure their phone doesn’t die. This person is not above asking an Uber driver, a bartender, or the person next to them on the train for a charger. Battery life is key when choosing the right smartphone. Most devices now offer lightning speed chargers, but it’s still important to measure the number of hours you can bank on in a battery. If you’re looking to get out of the red zone and into the green, you may want to think iPhone XS, Google Pixel 3 XL, or the Samsung Galaxy S9, since they’re known for long-lasting batteries.

Size matters – Now there’s no arguing it, size matters, and it’s personal. Whether it’s the screen size, how thin the phone is or how much storage it can hold, everyone has preferences based on what suits their life. A commuter will prioritize display size, while a gamer can’t get enough storage. For someone looking for a slim model to easily store in their pocket, look no further than the Galaxy Note 9 or the iPhone XS Max.

Price vs Plan – Both the phone and the plan will play a key role in ensuring the device ticks all the boxes. For best results, talk to an unbiased expert in-store at The Mobile Shop to ensure you get matched with a plan and device that meets all of your needs, instead of the needs of your salesperson.

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