YouTube rolling out back-to-back ad breaks in longer videos

The new format will be rolled out on desktop later this year

YouTube is rolling out skippable ad breaks

YouTube is rolling out a new type of skippable ad-break so that viewers can watch longer videos without being interrupted.

According to a recent Google blog post, the company says it will be putting two ads stacked back-to-back where viewers will have the ability to skip directly to the content “if it’s not the right ad for them.”

Google said based on research viewers were “quite sensitive” to how often an ad break occurs, especially during longer videos.

Further, Google also stated that it is trying this format out for longer videos because “when users see two ads in a break, they’re less likely to be interrupted by ads later.”

Google claims it found this type of ad format resulted in an eight to 11 percent increase in unique reach and a five to 10 percent increase in frequency for advertisers, “with no impact to Brand Lift metrics.”

The new format will be launching on desktops later this year, followed by mobile and set-top box devices at a later date.

Source: Google