Google Home will let you adjust podcast playback speed

"Hey Google, play twice as fast."

Google Home Mini speaker

It looks like you’ll be able to adjust the playback speed of podcasts on your Google Home soon.

A recent change to the Google Home support page shows new voice commands for podcasts. Specifically, users can ask their Google Home to change podcast playback speed.

Commands like “Play at 2x speed,” “Play slower/faster,” “Play twice as fast” and “Play at half the speed” should all work now or soon.

The commands will work for news playback as well.

Regarding news, the support page lists another command for listening to a specific news topic. However, it appears the command is just a new addition to the support page and was available on the Google Home.

Despite the commands being available on the support page, not everyone can use them yet. Your usage may vary. Some have reported their Assistant says it doesn’t understand the new commands.

Ultimately, you may have to wait for a software update or server-side update before the functionality comes to your Google Home.

Source: Google Support Via: Android Police