Opera’s Touch web browser is a great looking app for mobile web browsing

The Fast Action Button is an interesting way to handle tabs on mobile

Norway-based company Opera has released a new version mobile browser that’s built for one-handed use.

The company calls the new browser Opera Touch and its meant to compete with Safari on Apple’s mobile platform. Beating Safari isn’t going to be easy. Opera claims that 95 percent of iOS users in the U.S. stick with Safari.

Opera Touch was designed for one-handed use from the ground up with a button called the ‘Fast Action Button.’ Users can tap on the button to go back to the home page or tap and hold on it to see their tabs, new Google search, Flow and other contextual information.

There are a few key features in the new app. There’s a tool called ‘Flow’ that lets users share links, images, videos and more between Opera Touch and the regular desktop version of the browser. The feature is even end-to-end encrypted so users can be confident that what they share with themselves won’t be visible to anyone else.

On top of that, the browser has a well-designed minimal home page. The page shows your recent sites and a search bar. As the browser is used more often, it will begin to place the users most visited sites on the home page.

Users can download the app on iOS here and Android here. 

Source: Opera