Pixel 3 live wallpapers leak, new ‘Come Alive’ and ‘Living Universe’ options

The new wallpapers react to user interaction in new and unique ways

Leakers have revealed just about every aspect of the Pixel 3 and 3 XL so far. Now the Pixel 3 XL wallpapers are joining the leaked information.

Ishan Agarwal, who recently leaked pictures of the Pixel 3 XL on his Twitter account (@IshanAgarwal24), also shared photos of the new Pixel wallpapers on Reddit.

Agarwal explained that he was able to extract the wallpapers to his OnePlus 6 and use them. However, due to technical issues, he was unable to obtain the live wallpapers to share. Agarwal did say that he had stills coming soon.

The wallpapers fall into one of two sections. The first section, called ‘Come Alive,’ features 15 wallpapers. There are five groups or themes of wallpapers, each with three colour variants.

'Come Alive' Pixel 3 XL websites

The first group, ‘Bubble Up,’ has a large bubble in the center with a colour gradient. ‘Groove’ is a colour gradient as well. ‘Bloom’ and ‘Burst’ look like an explosion or firework of some kind. The main difference between these groups is the background, the latter being on a dark background. Finally, there are the ‘Pixie’ wallpapers, which also feature a gradient style.

The second section, ‘Living Universe,’ features 12 wallpapers. Mars, Earth and the Moon all make a return. However, the ‘New Horizons’ wallpaper replaces the old ‘Planet red’ Mars wallpaper.

'Living Universe' Pixel 3 XL wallpapers

Furthermore, four new wallpapers show a location on Earth from space. There are three ‘A Drop in the Ocean’ wallpapers that have different colours. There is also a new ‘City Silhouette’ wallpaper for New York and San Francisco.

According to Agarwal, some of the wallpapers react to touch and the motion of the phone. Others, however, move to music playing nearby or respond to users unlocking the phone. Finally, some change theme and colour based on time of day.

Source: Reddit, Twitter Via: 9to5 Google