Apple reveals new colourful Beats headphones to match the iPhone XR

Unfortunately, they're Lightning so they only work with iOS devices

Apple today revealed the spiritual successor to 2013’s iPhone 5C, the iPhone XR, and to match the phone’s new colours, there are also three new colours of the urBeats3.

The headphones use a Lightning connector so they’re only compatible with iOS products, since there are no 3.5mm-to-Lightning port adapters that would make these compatible with a regular AUX port.

Personally, I think the headphones look amazing and the bright colours provide such a contrast to the traditional black and white options for most technology products.

The headphones have basic noise-canceling features, along with a remote and mic. The remote functions similarly to Apple’s default headphones. Users also get a variety of ear-tips to help the headphones fit in a variety of ears.

Since the new iPhones don’t come with Apple’s Lightning-to-3.5mm adapter anymore, maybe splurging on a new pair of headphones isn’t such a bad idea (besides costing a lot more than a $10 adapter)

The headphones currently cost 79.95 CAD and users can order them online now.

Source: Apple