Google testing Gboard feature that finds relevant GIFs and Stickers faster

A faster way to search for that perfect GIF


The artificial intelligence (AI) built into Google’s Gboard keyboard app is getting even smarter.

According to Android Police, Google is quietly testing a Gboard feature that informs the user when the keyboard has found a relevant GIF or sticker — or relevant information — pertaining what users are currently typing.

Once Gboard’s AI finds a relevant piece of media, the keyboard’s left-hand side G button will change into a smiley face, a search icon or a GIF icon depending on what the user has typed.

For example, if users type a celebrity’s name, the G can change into a search icon to prompt the user to conduct a search. If a user was to type “Dog” using the keyboard, the G can turn into a GIF icon of a puppy.

Gboard can already suggest GIFs and emojis, but this new the feature is automatic, making the process quicker and enabling users to know when Gboard has found a relevant piece of media almost immediately.

It’s worth noting that the current Gboard has the G icon, but it’s not dynamic. Tapping the G currently launches a search bar that allows users to look for a specific GIF, Sticker or information.

Android Police said that the new feature is a server-side test, therefore, and it’s unclear if or when this feature will make it to the beta version of the app.

Source: Android Police