Vancouver-based Electra Meccanica partners with 7-Eleven

Electric vehicle advertising is apparently the future

U.S.-based convenience store chain 7-Eleven and Vancouver-based electric vehicle company Electra Meccanica are partnering up to promote 7-Eleven’s rewards app and delivery service.

Electra Meccanica is a Canadian electric vehicle manufacturer that builds a three-wheeled car called the SOLO.

7-Eleven plans on using two custom SOLOs to travel around Vancouver promoting the grocery store chain’s rewards app, and its collaboration with Foodora. To be clear, the SOLOs aren’t delivering food, but rather, being used as advertising.

Electra Meccanica has been trying to gain some traction in the automotive marketplace for its single-passenger car for a while. It’s possible this partnership will help spread some awareness for the small Canadian company.

The 7-Eleven app is free-to-download on both iOS and Android.

Source: Electra Meccanica