For $78, Buffered VPN Lets You Browse Privately With No Bandwidth Restrictions

If you find yourself traveling often, you might need to use the public Wi-Fi network at the airport or in your hotel. However, browsing the web on an open network leaves you vulnerable to identity thieves and hackers. If you want to take advantage of public Wi-Fi safely, you’ll need to protect yourself with a VPN.

There are hundreds of VPN services on the market, but what good are they if they throttle your speeds? If you’re looking for a secure VPN that doesn’t throttle your speeds, you can subscribe to Buffered VPN for $78.20 CAD.

Buffered VPN offers everything you should expect from a robust VPN; it uses 256-bit Blowfish encryption and allows you to browse with OpenVPN protocol. You can also bypass geo-restrictions to access streaming services such as Netflix from anywhere thanks to Buffered VPN’s 45 worldwide servers. Buffered VPN is headquartered in Gibraltar, outside of 14 Eyes jurisdiction, so you can rest assured that intelligence agencies won’t share your info with each other. Finally, you can surf on up to 5 simultaneous connections using any device with unlimited bandwidth and no download restrictions.

A 2-year subscription to Buffered VPN typically costs $406.38 CAD [$311.76 USD], but this 80% off deal brings the price down to $78.20 CAD [$59.99 USD].