Koodo offers $60/10GB new devices upgrade to existing customers in Ontario


Koodo is offering a promotion of 10GB of data for $60 per month to existing customers in Ontario.

Interested customers will have to upgrade to new devices and select the Tab Medium tier, however. The offer is available until September 13th, according to Koodo.

Only existing customers who subscribe to Koodo’s offers and deals list are eligible for the offer. This promotion is a little different from similar offers the carrier has sent out. For example, Koodo’s New Brunswick promo offered existing customers the option to change their plans to $60/10GB. These customers were not required to upgrade to a new device or add a tab to their plan.

Other Koodo customers received texts allowing them to add an extra 10GB of data to their plans for $15 per month. This 10GB for $60 per month promotion will max out at 10GB, instead of adding an additional 10 gigabytes to an existing plan.