This life-sized Lego Bugatti Chiron can actually drive

It can reach a top speed of almost 30 km/h

Lego has taken its ‘Build for Real’ marketing campaign to the next level with this life-sized Lego Bugatti.

Using over a million Lego Technic pieces — along with 2,304 small Lego electric motors — this Bugatti Chiron can reach speeds of almost 30 km/h.

While not as fast as an actual Chiron, which clocks in at a top speed of 420 km/h, it is a feat nonetheless.

The Lego Chiron took almost a year to build and months of planning. Outside of the car’s minimal steel support frame, it’s all Lego.

That includes the working head and tail lights, working doors and lavishly detailed interior. That interior includes a steering wheel, dashboard, gear-shifter, seats, brake pedal and mirrors.

As impressive as the car looks, the motor is just as impressive. It uses 2,304 Technic motors connected with 2,016 axle pieces and 4,032 plastic gears to create a functional electric motor. That motor generates upwards of 5.3 horsepower.

Unfortunately, we won’t see this life-sized Chiron as a purchasable Lego set. Considering how long it took the team to plan and put together, I’m not surprised.

Instead, you can sate you Lego Chiron desires with this $400 Lego Technic Chiron set.

Source: Gizmodo