eBay Canada flash sale offering 15 percent off almost everything

Newegg, Dyson and more are all included in the sale

eBay sign

eBay Canada is holding a 15 percent off flash sale on almost all of the goods in its online store to celebrate the beginning of the regular NFL season.

The sale applies to a variety of items on the digital retail platform, ranging from Newegg Canada deals on SSDs, monitors and routers, to sales on household goods like vacuums, espresso machines and pet supplies.

The site is loaded with items that are eligible for the discount, though it’s important to note that there are a few restrictions.

The 15 percent off only applies to goods that cost over $25 USD. Users can also only save a maximum of $100 USD. This means that if the final savings are over $100, the buyer will be capped at $100.

Further, items in the ‘Coins & Paper Money’, ‘Gift Cards & Coupons’, and ‘Real Estate’ categories are also excluded from the sale.

The only real way to see if the product is included in the sale is to add it to your cart and apply the code ‘PREGAME15.’ If the product shows a 15 percent deduction, then it’s included in the deal.

The deal lasts until 1pm EST on August 29th, 2018, according to eBay.

Source: eBay