Deep Scan Your Mac with this $26 Subscription to Systweak

Mac computers are lauded for being invulnerable to viruses because most viruses are written for Windows systems. While this is only partially true, the antivirus program that comes preinstalled in your Mac is more than enough to protect your system from viruses.

However, viruses are just a single class of malware, and your typical antivirus program won’t protect you from the rest of the threats the internet has to offer. If you want to completely protect your system from intrusion, you’ll need a solid anti-malware service like Systweak; 3-year subscriptions are on sale for 90% off.

Systweak streamlines anti-malware protection with one-click scans, which quick-scans your Mac and quarantines malicious threats. You can also schedule deep and targeted deep scans if you suspect malware to be hidden deep in the trenches of your system. Systweak will even scan your web browsers for suspicious extensions, widgets, and plugins. Finally, Systweak regularly updates its malware database, so you can rest assured that the latest malware strains will pose no threat to your Mac.

A 3-year subscription to Systweak is available for $26.07 CAD [$19.99 USD], down from $273.99 CAD [$210 USD].