Amazon is making a video game based on ‘The Grand Tour’

It features all the fun and antics of the show without the risk of bodily harm

Amazon has announced it’s making a The Grand Tour game for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The Grand Tour is an episodic racing game based on Amazon’s Prime Original series that shares the same name. The game will feature the show’s three main hosts, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May.

It looks like the game will run alongside the third season of The Grand Tour, with cars and locations from the show being playable in the video game.

Furthermore, Amazon says the game features “seamless transitions from clips of the show to gameplay” along with hours of original voice acting.

The Grand Tour also features singleplayer and multiplayer modes. According to Amazon, the multiplayer mode is four-player split-screen, allowing players to hurl insults at each other in person.

“I live in the deep countryside, so frankly I’m impressed by anything that runs on electricity,” said Hammond. “But I have to admit this game is particularly brilliant, especially the four-player split-screen.”

Interestingly, the game seems to have a Mario Kart feel to it. Amazon says that it includes “cheeky power-ups.” For example, ‘High Tea’ spills cups and saucers across the race track, shredding tires. Alternatively, ‘More Horsepowers’ gives you a speed boost.

Amazon Studios in Seattle built the game using Amazon Game Tech. If the trailer is anything to go by, the graphics look decent. Certainly not one of the most realistic looking racing games out there.

Regardless, The Grand Tour looks like a fun game, especially if it captures the antics the show is known for.

Source: Amazon Via: Digital Trends