There are a few changes coming to Microsoft’s Android launcher

Users can join the beta and start testing the features now

Users who are enrolled in the Microsoft Launcher beta will start seeing a new minimal design in the launcher’s feed, as well as additional Cortana features.

The beta needs to be on version 4.13 for users to view the new updates. The most visual aspect of this new version is the changes to the ‘Launcher Feed.’ Microsoft has removed the borders that used to surround the widgets. They now just float on screen, similarly to most other widgets.

Launcher Feed is the Microsoft Launcher’s answer to the Google Feed.

The updates to Cortana make it possible for the launcher to read a user’s texts aloud to them. Users can also use Cortana to track their family’s phones as well.

There are a few smaller changes too. Users can now add calendar events with fewer taps using Microsoft’s widget. Along with that, the team has tuned the software so the app drawer’s animations should now be a bit smoother.

Users that want to test out the new features can join the beta. The regular version of the launcher is available here.

Via: Windows Central