‘Save to Inbox’ feature mysteriously vanishes from Inbox

Inbox by Gmail app

Google’s email test bed, Inbox, is shedding a feature. After the recent 1.76.207204234 app update, the popular Save to Inbox feature vanished.

The feature, which allowed users to save websites to their inbox as a sort of read-it-later service, is gone. Instead, when someone shares a link to Inbox, it just drops it into an email.

One user inquired about the disappearance on the Inbox help forum. The answer was “This is a new change to the workflow.”

At the time, the feature was still available on desktop. However, the Chrome extension that enable it has since disappeared.

It isn’t entirely clear why Google removed the feature. Perhaps it isn’t very popular, or they have something else planned.

Worse, this could be a death knell for Inbox. The recent Gmail redesign stole a number of the popular features that made Inbox so good.

Hopefully this isn’t the beginning of the end for one of the best mobile email apps.

Via: Android Police