Google will give Android Go a taste of Pie later this fall

Go get some Pie

Android 9 Pie

Google is bringing some Pie for everyone, including Android Go users in the fall.

Dubbed Android 9 Pie (Go edition), the update includes a number of improvements for the budget OS.

Pie Go will provides users with more storage, faster boot times and more. These updates come with everything else included in the regular Pie update.

As far as storage goes, Android Go users will get an additional 500MB of storage out of the box.

Furthermore, Pie Go brings improved security features and a new accessible dashboard for tracking data usage.

Along with these updates, the Go editions of many apps received or are getting updates. Google Go, for example, will offer the ability to read webpages aloud.

Additionally, YouTube Go gives users the option to download and view videos offline so they use less data.

Maps Go has navigation features now as well, including turn-by-turn directions.

Files Go, Google’s storage management app, includes a data transfer tool with speeds up to 490Mbps.

Assistant Go was also updated with support for new languages including Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese and Indonesian. It also expanded support for device actions. Assistant Go can control Bluetooth, camera and flashlight, as well as add reminders.

Overall it’s a solid update to the platform from Google. Hopefully this continued push is enough to make it take off more in Canada.

Currently not many Android Go phones are offered in Canada. The Alcatel 1 Android Go phone is available through some carriers, namely Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile, Koodo and Lucky Mobile.

Source: Google