C64 Mini Commodore 64 console is now available for pre-order at Best Buy for $99

The C64 MIni

It looks like the C64 Mini, a tiny, modern version of classic home computer Commodore 64, is now available for pre-order at Best Buy Canada for $99 CAD.

Best Buy says that the pint-sized console will release on September 9th in Canada, which presumably is also the same date that it will arrive at buyers’ homes.

The NES and SNES Classic-inspired mini computer is set to come pre-loaded with 64 classic Commodore 64 games and also includes a classic joystick.

The following are some of the more notable games featured on the mini console: California Games, Winter Games, Impossible Mission II, Boulder Dash, Jumpman, Pitstop II, Speedball II: Brutal Deluxe, Street Sports Baseball, Summer Games II, Temple of Apshai Trilogy and Uridium.