Nintendo announces new Labo ‘Vehicle Kit’ coming next month

Nintendo Labo Vehicle Kit

Nintendo has announced a ‘Vehicle Kit’ for its Labo DIY cardboard gaming and construction toy platform for the Nintendo Switch.

The Vehicle Kit contains parts to build a submarine, a plane, car, two keys, a pedal and more. Inserting a key into an assembled vehicle lets users play a variety of games on the Switch tablet, including an open world to explore. To jump between vehicles, users can simply remove a key from one and insert it into another.

The Vehicle Kit will release on September 14th at a cost of $89.99 CAD.

This marks the third Nintendo Labo Kit to be released, following the Robot Kit and Variety Kit that launched on April 20th. The former bundle lets users create a wearable robot suit to smash buildings, fly, transform into a tank and more.

The Variety Kit, meanwhile, includes more of an assortment of cardboard pieces, as its name suggests. Some of the constructions available in this Kit include a Toy-Con RC Car, fishing rod, house, piano and motorbike.

For other Labo-related vehicle experiences, Nintendo also added Labo steering controls to Mario Kart 8 Deluxe in a June update. Nintendo says additional games will receive Labo support in the future.

Source: Nintendo of Canada