Nintendo Switch with free 64GB SD card and $20 Nintendo eShop card for $379.99

This Amazon Prime Day deal for the Switch is one of the best around

Grey Nintendo Switch front

Amazon’s Prime Day is just beginning and one of the best deals right out of the gate is a Nintendo Switch priced at $379.99 CAD.

This deal costs the same as the console’s standard regular price, but it comes in a bundle that includes a few extra goodies as well. Users who take advantage of this bundle will also get a 64GB SanDisk SD card and a $20 Nintendo eShop card.

The specific 64GB card that comes with the bundle retails on Amazon.ca for $47.99 CAD, amounting to a savings of almost $50 on the SD card.

Combining the savings from the SD card, and the eShop card, this deal saves you just over $40

If you haven’t bought a Switch yet and you’re in the market for one, this is the deal you’ve been waiting for.

Source: Amazon.ca