Fido offering $75/10GB promo plan to select customers

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10GB data wireless plans are back, but only for a select few.

Competing on network quality and price are how wireless carriers are keeping customers happy. 10GB data plans are the new 6GB plans from 2010 and select Fido customers are receiving notifications to increase their monthly data bucket allotment.

On Facebook, Fido is tempting customers with a $75 per month offer that includes 10GB of data. This is similar to its retention plan from April, and previously in November.

fido plan

Fido, which is a sub-brand of Rogers, seems to be making an attempt to dramatically increase its subscriber base. The flanker brand recently sent notices to ex-Fido customers and offered up a $60 per month plan that included 5GB of data, along with a $500 bill credit.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve received this offer (or something better)!

(Thanks, Z!)