Huawei Canada opens the door to extended coverage on bootlooping Nexus 6Ps

On a case-by-case basis

google huawei nexus 6p lawsuit

Huawei has opened the door to free repairs under certain circumstances for Nexus 6Ps afflicted by bootlooping.

Ellen Roseman of the Toronto Star reported that following a recent column on the issue, which causes the phone to get stuck in a loop of reboots rendering it effectively inoperable, phone manufacturer Huawei confirmed there were some circumstances where it would provide a fix for free.

Huawei vice-president of sales and marketing for the company’s consumer group told the Star:

For devices past warranty, purchasers who have contacted Huawei Canada customer service may have their devices repaired or replaced. Depending on the nature of the issue, on a case-by-case basis, a solution may be provided, or may be subject to a repair fee. For service and shipping, purchasers will be required to provide a proof of purchase, plus a photo of the device. Huawei Canada will issue a prepaid shipping label to send the device to an authorized service centre for diagnostics and/or repair. Customers will be notified in advance if there is a charge for repairs.

The statement indicates that there are some extenuating circumstances in which “a solution may be provided.”

This comes after many Canadian Nexus 6P owners complained they were shuffled around between their carriers, Google and Huawei when attempting to find a fix for the manufacturing defect, both in the Star‘s coverage and in online forums.

A class action lawsuit regarding the bootlooping issue lodged against Google and Huawei is currently ongoing.

In September 2017, some Redditors reported that Google was providing a replacement Google Pixel XL to faulty Nexus 6P owners who bought their device directly from the search giant.