Google is offering some Canadian Nexus 6P owners replacement Pixel XL smartphones


  • Joel

    I bought my 6p from Google when it came out and had the battery issue where my phone would shut off with 30-40% power left. I contacted them in Mid-May and they sent me a replacement 6p that has worked perfectly so far. Kinda wish I had held out a little longer for a Pixel!

  • Stephen

    Sad for those of us that purchased through a carrier, Google has provided no path to resolution for the issues with my phone.

  • Kevin Hegarty

    Hey …ya i rang Monday as the battery on my Nexus 6P has gone terrible. They are giving me a new pixel which I believe should be delivered today or tomorrow. Just to clarify you only send you Nexus 6P back to google after you have received the Pixel. Really good customer service.

  • Francois Tremblay

    I just send back a nexus 5X but still got a nexus 5x

  • sickens

    Just got a 32GB Pixel XL as a replacement for my 64GB Nexus 6P; similar battery issues as reported by many. Don’t mind the storage drop; not even using half of 32GB right now. Thanks for the upgrade; Google.

    • Francois Roy

      Same here. But with unlimited full resolution photo and video backup, I’m sure we’ll manage..

      This is crazy! =D

    • Nil

      Did you buy your 6p from Google directly?

    • Mo Dabbas

      Ya. I’m wondering the same thing. Does that work for nexus phones bought only from Google or how does it work.

    • Stephen B Morris

      I think it just those that were bought from the Google store. Commenters on AP were saying that they were turned away when it was found out that it was purchased elsewhere or out of country through an IMEI check. That being said, if you had purchased the extended warranty, it falls under that as well. My wife is getting the 128GB one in a couple days.

  • Clinton Bishop

    I’m sad they didn’t offer this sooner. My first 6P had battery issues and would randomly shut down. Google kindly replaced that one just outside of warranty. Then my replacement one succumbed to the dreaded boot loop issue. Google had me return that one and then refunded my original purchase price. This left me phone-less and I ended up switching to an iPhone. I still miss my 6P. It was an awesome phone.

    • jfbaudio

      They offered me a refund as well, saying stock was low… Iw as on my second replacement. I decided to wait and in the end they sent me a 128GB model just two weeks later. I feel luck to have waited. Having said that. a Pixel XL would be nice… A Pixel 2 even better!

  • Nil

    This article would have been helpful if it interested how to contact Google. Otherwise it’s just old news.

  • Kevin Riley

    what about the other 6p owners who didn’t buy it directly from Google. I guess we get shafted.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Yeah. From all the comments from AP, it seems that way.

  • Kenjuta

    bought directly from Google on release date
    contracted them mid last month and they were suppose to replace it with another 6P but haven’t shipped it for about 3 weeks and then shipped a 32GB Pixel XL to me. Guessing they ran out of 6P and are sending Pixel XL now for everyone but yeah it seems like everyone in Canada gets 32GB regardless of what 6P memory size you currently have

    • Stephen B Morris

      Actually no. My wife is getting 128GB. Google customer service has always been helpful to me.

    • Kenjuta

      I’d consider her lucky then or they finally gave in. The reddit post shows a lot of people in Canada trying to convince Google to give them a 128GB instead and other people saying they had a 128GB 6P but Google would only give them a 32GB

    • Stephen B Morris

      Well she is lucky, then. However it may be different because I claimed through the extended warranty so it wasn’t free for me. We expected to get the same phone back (64GB-Gold) so I wouldn’t have been happy to pay for protection and get ripped off on storage. The Assurant rep was just as surprised to see it but said they didn’t have any 6P devices. $112 for a Pixel XL with more storage works for me.

  • Simon M

    Ooooooh interesting!! I bought my Nexus 6P directly from them right when it came out almost 2 years ago. Had some battery issues for a while now, but it’s not shutting down EVERY charge, just once from time to time when it’s under 50%. I never took the time to contact them about it because I figured the warranty was gone. Will do!!

    • Steve Rodrigue

      Google Store service is awesome. It’s the first time I don’t buy a device directly from them (my current 6P have issues), and I should never have done that.

      Got a Nexus 10 and a Nexus 4 replaced super quick and easy in the past. I thought my 6P would receive the same treatment, but I made the mistake to buy it from my operator. :'(

    • Simon M

      Update: It worked for me. My Pixel XL 32 Go is on its way.

  • Nick

    Really disappointed that Canadian Nexus 6P owners are being downgraded to a 32GB device…

    • monkeymo

      They are sending you a device thats newer better faster, with unlimited picture storage space
      I wouldnt call that a downgrade

  • Stephen B Morris

    @mobilesyrup I’d hate to be that guy but Google always sends out the phone first with a box to send your old one back. It is also possible to get it if you bought the extended warranty so if the phone is broken, they will still send one. And finally it is possible to get the 128GB Pixel XL. My wife will get hers in a couple days.

    • Nick

      In Canada?

    • Stephen B Morris

      Yes. Toronto.

    • Nick

      Wild. I haven’t been successful with my 64GB NExus 6P. Anything special that she said/did? What size was her Nexus 6P?

    • Stephen B Morris

      It was a Gold 64GB. I called since the purchase was done under my email. I had bought the extended warranty so maybe that was a factor since it wasn’t free for me. We had to make a claim anyway since her speaker wasn’t working correctly. The Assurant rep put through the claim and then informed me that they were sending a Silver 128GB Pixel XL. He said it just popped up for him, so the rep doesn’t have any input into what people get. Maybe they are saving stock for those who actually paid for the insurance? I don’t know but I would have a legitimate complaint if they tried to short change me with storage.

  • PC

    Unfortunately, this only works if you bought directly from Google Store. I have already contacted them re: battery drain issue. They are well aware of it but won’t do anything as I had purchased it from Rogers. I was advised to contact Huawei which is ready to repair it but with a price as phone is out of warranty. Not happy with this discrimination from Google.

    • Steve Rodrigue

      Same experience for me.

  • Jeremy McGill

    I purchased my 6P directly from Google store Sep 29 2015, been stuck in bootloop for a month now. Thought I was out of luck since I’m out of the warranty period but caught wind of this and thought I’d give it a try… Well I was put on hold for well over an hour, and the rep I was talking was trying to troubleshoot my 6P even though I was clear it is stuck in bootloop. Very condescending. Do you know how many time I had to explain the phone does not start, 30 min later she directed me too Huawei support.. Never again.

    • EclecticJabberMonkey

      My 6P entered into a bootloop state this weekend and I can’t even get into recovery mode. The support agent I dealt with seemed to be a bit better than yours at understanding the issue, but I was eventually told that boot looping on the 6P is not an issue Google will deal with. It is only offically considered an issue with the 5X, so like you was told to contact Huawei support even though I bought the phone through the Play Store.

      This is my second Google phone to die in less than 2 years of ownership. I treat my devices very well, both the 6P and 4 I still have are in excellent shape. After my Nexus 4 and now 6P dying I’m done with Google.

    • Jeremy McGill

      My wife convinced me to try again. It turned out to be a worse experience than before! I won’t get into it here again but Google is well aware of this story and they are only willing to replace phones with the battery issue, not bootloop which is complete BS. Google use to be cool. I’m looking elsewhere for my next phone too.

  • Danno Blammo

    I just got off the phone with Assurant Canada (an hour and a half call via Google USA via the support button in the settings) and they’re replacing my Nexus 6P 64GB with a Pixel XL 128GB.

    My extended warranty from Google had expired but I was was still covered under “Nexus Protect” apparently. My wife bought it for me for a Christmas present in 2015, so it was under a different email account in their system even, no problem. We had bought the extended warranty with the phone originally which just happened to run out 2 days ago, haha.

    I just told them I read that Google was awesomely exchanging phones with battery drain issues even outside the warranty period with Pixel phones. (I get about an hour screen time but no instant shutoff, so it’s sucky.) I let them know I tried the usual things, factory resetting, clearing cache, etc. After an dealing with Google a while they realized I was in Canada (had ended up in the US somehow) and they transferred me to Assurant Canada and it was handled quickly and pleasantly. They asked for my cc and a ~$100 holding fee and it’ll be shipped in a couple days.

    Super long wait on the phone, but wow excellent outcome, really pleased with Google.

    • Leo

      It’s not a holding fee. You are paying 111.89 for a new device

    • Danno Blammo

      Yup, you are correct. $100+tax.

  • I have a 64GB Nexus 6P and I’m being sent a replacement 32GB XL. Not sure why we get the lesser bargain :/

  • Dion

    7 weeks ago I had my 32GB Nexus 6P replaced with a refurbished 64GB Nexus 6P. I had originally purchased the phone on pre-order from the google store the day it was announced, so I was well outside the warranty period. I was experiencing the battery drain issue where the phone would shut off at 20 – 40 % battery life remaining. Basically the phone would enter battery saving mode for 10-30 seconds even at 40% battery and then turn off.

    The refurb phone showed up and worked great for about 3 weeks. Then I started having worse issues than before. The phone would shutdown randomly with no warning. Could be at 35% batter, could be at 85% battery. Sometimes I’d be using it browsing, or on a call, sometimes it would just be in my pocket, and then it just went black. No warning. The only way to restart it was to plug it in and then press the power button. It didn’t actually have to charge, just needed to be plugged into power.

    Well today I called in again complaining about my issues and they offered a 32GB Pixel XL as replacement. From what I understand this should be a new phone, not a refurbished one, but I will see once it shows up. There is a hold on my credit card for the value of the Pixel that will be cancelled once they receive my Nexus 6P back. I was on hold for 65 minutes before I got to speak with someone. They have disabled their chat support it seems; I would guess because of the volume of requests they are getting. Once I started speaking with someone, it only took about 10-15 minutes to sort out.

  • Morrolan

    I purchased 2 Nexus6P with Project Fi directly from Google. I also pay for the extended warranty that Project Fi offers. One of them experienced the bootloop and battery drain. After several calls, and transfer to Huawei they agreed to send us a replacement refurbished Nexus 6P. Now they are changing their minds and sending folks Pixels? I feel ripped.

    • Gu

      You should’ve dealt directly through google. No transfer should have been made. You simply should’ve initiated a support ‘chat’ right from your 6p and had the person on the other end go through their battery drain ‘steps’ with you. After you’ve completed said steps, they simply (in my case I had an out of warranty device) authorize and provide a link to order a replacement device.

      In that email is where they tell you that they’re pleased to offer a pixel xl black as your replacement.

    • Morrolan

      Of course I called Google, that is who I bought it from. Due to the boot loop, I did not have a working phone to initiate a chat session. This was a few months ago, so they must have changed the process.

  • Mathieu Parent

    I confirm that this worked in Canada as of today sept 15th 2017. Asked for a call back and within 30 minutes they offered me an exclusive offer to replace it. I got a Pixel XL shipped to me and a UPS pickup label to return the 6P. Has to be purchased through their Google store, mine was from nov 2015. Try it!

    • Pitrick

      haha vieux laite

    • cabrasse

      Yeah man

    • Arvin Zohrabian

      Did you receive a brand new one or was it a refurbished model?

    • Mathieu Parent

      Brand new!

    • Arvin Zohrabian

      Nice, mine should be coming soon..I was trying to get them to send me a 128GB model but they said they couldn’t…although I’m seeing others here who have gotten the 128GB..I suppose I can’t complain for getting a brand new phone 🙂

    • Kialala Ra

      I’m still waiting for mine, refurbished tho 🙁 🙁 when did you call them?

      I called on Sept 14, got the email confirmation thing but it’s stuck on “order”, it hasn’t shipped on google store page but they told me it has shipped, gotta call them tomorrow and get that tracking number

    • Mathieu Parent

      Mine is a brand new one (they said) and I am still awaiting for it to be shipped as well. I called on Sept 15th. I’ll post here when I finally got it.

    • Aaron Strasbourg

      Yeah but what storage size did you get? 32GB?

  • Matteo Salfiti

    Spoke to Google customer support and the girl told me that it’s a scam and it’s a manufacturer problem that i have to contact them

    • Josh Brown

      Well I am surfing this on my replacement XL so I would say it is not a scam

  • Ben

    Just called and they told me that’s Huawei’s problem and I have to contact Huawei directly. Sighh

  • Jason

    Talked with 3 different Google customer support and all of them said I have to go through Huawei to replace our two phones (mine and my wifes). I even talked to a supervisor and she said that management changed the policy on replacing the defective phones on Friday at midnight. They are no longer offering replacements for phones out of warranty.

    • Michelle S

      This happened to me today

  • Steve Rodrigue

    Important note: if you bought your Nexus 6P through your operator (not the Google Store), you can’t get a replacement.

    The Nexus 6P have 2 support channels:
    Google = Impressive support as usual!
    Operator/Huawei = Meh support

    If I knew about that I would have NEVER bought my 6P through my operator. :'(

    • Lei Huang

      the same story here.

    • Michelle S

      I bought mine through Google. When I called today for support they said I was out of luck because I was out of warrenty.

  • Arun K. Gupta

    What about for owners who bought the phone through their carrier?

  • Aaron Strasbourg

    Talked with Google for over 2 hours, went to the highest supervisor I could. Since I live in Canada, I was not able to get a Pixel XL 128GB even though I bought a brand new Nexus 6P 128GB from their online Google store at launch. They could only give me the Pixel XL 32GB. I asked for a credit of $200 if they sent that to me and they laughed claiming the Nexus 6P is not the same value. I told them obviously not because the Pixel is new…just like the Nexus 6P was when I bought it. Not my fault your devices are defective.

    Since I had bought extended warranty, I was able to get the 128GB Pixel XL through Assurant at the deductible cost of $110 CAD. I told them the story about Google and each agent I talked to was shocked at what Google had told me.

    Thanks a lot Google, I give you over a thousand dollars for what turns out to be a defective phone and you expect me to down grade at my own cost? I told them I have 70GB used currently and they respond with “Well the Pixel XL has unlimited video and photo storage”. I’m not going to waste my data plan uploading 4k video to your servers so you can peak at my files…

    I hope this Pixel XL is good to me. Either case, I’m not getting a Google phone again…

    TL:DR Google only gives Canadians 32GB Pixel XLs, no matter what storage size you have.