OnePlus 6 is the first OnePlus smartphone to support Android’s seamless updates feature

OnePlus 6 back

In my review of the OnePlus 6, something I made sure to highlight was the fact that the OP6 is the first OnePlus smartphone to support Project Treble. Turns out, there’s another nice first for the OnePlus 6: it’s the first OnePlus device to support Android seamless updates feature.

Alternatively known as A/B updates, the seamless updates feature allows Android devices to download and install over-the-air updates in the background. The user can continue using their smartphone as they would normally while the process is underway. Once they reboot the device, the updated operating system is automatically swapped in. In all, the feature can save between five to 10 minutes per update.

Google introduced seamless updates alongside the original Pixel. Since then, a variety of third-party Android manufacturers have added the feature to their devices, as well. Notably, however, Samsung’s latest smartphones do not support seamless updates.

Via: Android Police