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Gmail on iOS update brings snooze features

Gmail’s iOS app is getting an update that allows users to snooze emails.

The snooze feature is a nice little addition. A danger for the procrastinators among us, snooze allows users to hide an email and have it come back later. It’s useful for moving less important stuff to when you have time to deal with it and for getting to the much coveted ‘inbox zero.’

Snooze was introduced on Inbox, the Gmail team’s alternate email app. It proved quite popular and is now coming to other versions of Gmail.

The Gmail web redesign that’s currently rolling out includes the snooze feature as well. If you don’t have the update already, its relatively easy to get.

The U.S. version of the app also got support for sending payments through email, but there is no word yet on when it’s coming to Canada.

The update should be live on the App Store starting today.

Source: Engadget