Warner Bros. unveils name, show lineup of DC streaming service

Titans vs Deathstroke

Warner Bros. has announced that its upcoming DC Comics-focused streaming service will be called DC Universe.

The subscription service, which was first unveiled in April of last year, is described as “a first-of-its kind, immersive digital experience designed just for DC fans” and will include unlimited access to exclusive original series.

In addition to the name announcement, WB also confirmed the first wave of series that will be available on DC Universe, which is set to launch sometime later this year:

— a live-action series based on the popular Teen Titans superhero team and produced by Greg Berlanti, one of the key people behind all of the CW’s DC shows like ArrowThe Flash and Black Lightning

Young Justice: Outsiders — the third season of the once-cancelled animated series focused on the younger heroes of the DC Universe; revived due to strong Netflix viewership and fan support

Harley Quinn — a half-hour adult-oriented animated series based on the beloved Batman villainess (Academy Award-nominee Margot Robbie, who played the character in 2016’s live-action film Suicide Squad, is reportedly being looked at to reprise her role)

Swamp Thing — a live-action drama series based on the supernatural plant creature from Atomic Monster, the production company of prolific horror film director James Wan (who is also directing this year’s Aquaman movie for WB)

Metropolis — a live-action drama featuring Superman’s iconic city and focusing on love interest Lois Lane and arch-nemesis Lex Luthor

Titans and Young Justice: Outsiders are set to debut later this year alongside the launch of DC Universe, while Swamp Thing and Metropolis are slated to premiere sometime in 2019. It’s currently unclear when the Harley Quinn series will arrive.

Warner Bros. hasn’t yet revealed pricing or release information for the DC Universe service, including Canadian availability.

A DC superheroes-centric streaming service will help WB better compete with Disney, who is expected to create exclusive Marvel superhero content on its own streaming service set to release sometime next year.

Image credit: DC Comics

Source: DC Comics