Discord and Xbox live profiles can now be linked

A step closer to bridging the gap between PC and console gaming

Microsoft and the video game chat service Discord are partnering to better integrate Xbox profiles into Discord and vice versa.

Xbox One users will have the ability to connect their Live account to their Discord account through the settings on their console.

Discord users who have linked their accounts will be able to see what their friends are playing across all of their connected platforms. So in a best-case scenario type of situation, a Xbox user could see that their friends are playing Sea of Thieves on Xbox and then choose to join them on PC.

Linking the two profiles won’t let Discord chat work with Xbox Live unfortunately. Although it’s a step in the right direction because it lets the two services connect and share more information than what typically gets shared between a console and a PC.

This update will start rolling out to Xbox Insiders very soon and then it will be available to all gamers shortly after that, according to Microsoft.

Source: Xbox Wire