Samsung to reveal Note-like foldable Galaxy X next year, says report

Samsung Galaxy logo

The foldable Samsung Galaxy X will come out next year, according to Korean publisher The Bell

While this may not actually be new information as DJ Koh, Samsung’s mobile chief, has already stated the device would make an appearance next year, The Bell does shed more light on the upcoming foldable handset.

According to the Korean publication, Samsung will launch the device as part of a pilot program next year, with plans to finalize the design by June of 2018.

Further, the prototype that Samsung reportedly showed off to its partners at the Consumer Electronic Show 2018, featured three OLED screens. Each display measured in at 3.5 inches. As for the appearance, two displays were placed on the inside of the handset, while the third was on the outside, giving users the choice on whether they want to extend the screen or not. The device looks more like a Galaxy Note rather than a standard tablet, says the report.

As the Galaxy X is part of a pilot program Samsung is launching, the company plans to only manufacture 500,000 to two million units in an effort to gauge consumer interest.

This likely means that it’ll be a little while longer before the handset reaches our Canadian shores.

Source: The Bell, Via: BGR