Spotify acquires music data company Loudr to improve royalty payments

Spotify is looking to better gather music licensing data

Music streaming service Spotify has acquired the San Francisco-based music data business Loudr to help it pay music royalties.

Loudr was founded in 2013 and is a service that helps musicians and music publishers understand and abide by copyright laws. The company also tracks and pays music royalties to artists.

Spotify said in an April 12th, 2018 press release that Loudr makes “it easy for content creators, aggregators and digital music services to identify, track and pay royalties to music publishers.”

The Loudr acquisition is Spotify’s latest attempt to handle royalty payments. Last year, Spotify acquired Mediachain — a music database that uses blockchain technology to manage the ownership of music and other creative media online.

Mediachain also gives music creators the ability to state that they are the owners of a song without having to use a third-party music publishing agency to list music for them.

Spotify is currently involved in a $1.6 billion USD royalty lawsuit that’s been filed against them by Wixen Music Publishing. The music publisher claims that Spotify is using tens of thousands of Wixen’s songs without a proper licensing agreement.

Source: Spotify Via: Engadget