OnePlus will let you hide the OnePlus 6’s iPhone X-inspired notch

CEO Pete Lau also confirmed the OnePlus 6's specs

The OnePlus 5T in sandstone white

Pete Lau, the CEO of Chinese device manufacturer OnePlus, has taken to the company’s forums to let users know more about the upcoming OnePlus 6’s notched display.

Lau reassured OnePlus fans that the phone would have ability to hide the notch.

“We respect your feedback, and would like to give everyone the ability to choose. This function will enable you to black out the background of the notifications and status bar. It will be added in a future software update released after the launch of the OnePlus 6,” said Lau.

Lau first spoke to The Verge about the fact that the OnePlus 6 would feature an iPhone X-inspired notch. While I personally look forward to the notch, it’s still a controversial topic.

The ability to hide the OnePlus 6’s notch is similar to what Huawei has done with its P20 and P20 Pro. Granted, I haven’t felt the need to hide the notch during my time with the P20 Pro.

It’s likely OnePlus will launch the phone in June — similar to what the company did with the OnePlus 5 last year.

Further, Lau discussed in another forum post yesterday that the phone will feature an 8GB of RAM, 256GB of storage and the Snapdragon 845 processor.

Source: OnePlus forums