Apple patents technology to hide camera behind the display

New software and hardware designs could be coming to the next iPhone

Apple has patented some new designs that could, in theory, get rid of the notch in its edge-to-edge displays.

The first patent brings with it some exciting ideas of how to hide the front-facing camera and other technology that makes up the iPhone X’s notch.

The patent is for displays that have small spaces between pixels, making room for sensors like a camera or a light sensor.

This patent could bring the potential for a future iPhone to hide things like the earpiece speaker, the light sensor, the front-facing camera and Face ID.

Apple also updated an existing patent that gives contextual information based on where the phone thinks the user will be at a given time. This feature could offers things like transit directions to a user or show a list of landmarks that it knows the user will be near.

The last patent that was released is another one that focuses on hardware. This one shows off a new way Apple could manufacture coloured ceramic material for the bodies of iPhones.

Apple has made its top-tier apple watch out of ceramic before, but it has never made a ceramic product as big as an iPhone. This new material could be a welcome change to a phone market that only has a few players like Essential and Xiaomi making phones out of ceramic materials.

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