Fuze is a new learn-to-code platform for the Nintendo Switch

Creating the video game you've always wanted


An easy-to-use video game development platform called Fuze that aims to make creating games for the Switch easy, is set to come to Nintendo’s home console-portable hybrid system.

Nintendo says that the Switch’s new Fuze platform includes built-in graphics, audio samples and 3D models. Genres supported by the development utility consist of 2D platformers, racing, real-time strategy, RPG, puzzle, shoot-em-ups and even retro beat-em-ups.

“Fuze is an intuitive and incredibly easy to pick-up application for Nintendo Switch, more than powerful enough to create professional looking games that play beautifully,” says Nintendo in a press release accompanying the announcement.

Fuze’s code is inspired by BASIC, a common coding language, and uses simple English commands in an effort to teach children — or anyone interested, really — the basics of programming and video game development. Coding can also be performed directly on the console with the system’s Joy-cons, or through a USB keyboard.

“Positioned between visual environments such as Scratch, and real world languages such as Python, Fuze is developed with Block-to-Text transition at the forefront,” reads the press release.

As you might have already suspected, Nintendo also plans to sell additional Fuze game packs and assets through the Switch’s eShop store. In the company’s press release about Fuze, the developer behind the project — Fuze Technologies — also includes a call to action asking “budding and accomplished artists” to send their work into the studio so it can then be used in the platform.

On the Fuze’s official website, Fuze Technologies also offers “investment opportunities” and promotes the fact that the company is currently accepting donations.

The list of developers that have signed up to allow their assets to be used in Fuze include independent studios like Ravenmore, Kenney, DinV studio, Untied Games, and more, according to the developer.

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Fuze for the Nintendo Switch is priced at £30 (about $51 Canadian). We’ve reached out to Nintendo for Canadian pricing andwill update this story when we hear back. Nintendo claims that over $150 worth of assets are included in Fuze.

In some ways, Fuze seems to have a lot in common with Apple’s Swift Playgrounds, a similar learn-to-code platform for the iPad, though Fuze Technologies’ effort seems significantly more advanced, especially in terms of text-based coding. It’s also possible that Fuze could work with the Switch’s upcoming Nintendo Labo interactive toys in some way.

Fuze is set to release at some point in the second quarter of 2018, according to Nintendo.