Sony shows off new truly wireless, noise cancelling earbuds


  • Marshall Davidson

    Earbuds that last for three hours and retail for over $220? They’ve got be kidding. Even with the additional charge time it’s kinda ridiculous.
    Sony makes good earphones but for $30 I’ll stick to the wired ones and use Plantronics for my wireless option that last 6 hours and are about $100 less than any of these options.

    • Smanny

      Well they are noise cancelling, and offer deep bass sound. But I would get the 6 hour wired version that doubles the battery life with the same noise cancelling and sound.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Meh…I don’t care about deep bass sound on wireless earbuds for that price. A wired set is perfectly alright for that purpose. What three hour battery life tells me is that the wireless option is far from going mainstream while OEM’s like Apple take out the headphone jack for $1000 phones limiting options they have no right to be doing at this juncture.

    • Smanny

      Well instead of looking at Apples airpods or others like it. There is plenty of other wireless headsets and buds that can give you much longer than 5 hours. Some headphones give you 25 hours or longer. Then there is some wired earbuds that will give you a talk time of 17 hours like LG has with many versions of their tones and are cheaper than airpods. You just have to look.

    • John Lofwire

      Yeah the bluetooth one from LG that go on the neck with lil bud wired to them are amazing.

      Very deep base, easily 12 hours and more battery life.
      amazing call quality. ( used them for like 2 years as my calling headset at job lol )

    • FlamesFan89

      Yeah, I can count on zero fingers how many times it has been a problem for me that there is a wire between my bluetooth earbuds.

      “Truly wireless” is a solution looking for a problem, and people with spending issues are eating it right up.

  • GateGuardian

    If Sony says features will come later…. it will never come

  • Itsaphony

    Will these headphones randomly disconnect and drop signal in the right ear anytime you turn your head or walk like the WF1000s? Read literally any responsible review- *everyone* encountered the same issue and even though they’ve released a firmware update since that’s still only cut the problem in half.

    The first ‘truly Wireless noise cancelling earbuds’ which were only released in September last year were a complete and total waste of money with 90-minute battery life for $250. What good is a set of headphones that you can only use for 90 minutes before needing to recharge?