Amazon Prime Video has the most first-week downloads of any Apple TV app

Apple TV 4K

Amazon Prime now has the most first-week downloaded of any Apple TV app, according to a report stemming from BestAppleTV.com and later confirmed by TechCrunch. The app was first released in the Canada, the U.S., Great Britain, France and Germany on December 6th, six months after the app was announced Apple’s WWDC back in June.

Prime Video’s popularity was also likely helped by the fact that the second season of The Grand Tour recently hit the platform. While I’ve been watching Amazon Prime Video via my 4th Gen Apple TV for a number of months now with AirPlay, having a dedicated app on the set-top box is significantly more convenient than casting content from an iPhone.

Apple and Amazon have been fierce rivals for years, with Amazon refusing to sell the Cupertino-based tech giant’s Apple TV devices in its online store, and Amazon not bringing its Prime Video platform to the set-top box. It seems the cold war between the two companies has thawed though.

Amazon Prime Video launched in Canada last December for $79 CAD per year, giving users access to free same-day shipping in Toronto and Vancouver, as well as Prime exclusive items.

Amazon offers a 30-day trial. In Quebec, however, the online retail giant offers a 13-month membership for $79, instead of a free trial. Content is only available in English, though Amazon says that French subtitles are available for much of the platform’s content.

Source: BestAppleTV Via: TechCrunch