Pokémon Crystal is coming to the Nintendo eShop on January 26

The Pokémon title that starred the Legendary Pokémon Suicune, Pokémon Crystal, is coming to Nintendo’s eShop.

Game Freak launched Pokémon Crystal in Japan exactly 17 years ago, giving trainers the opportunity to catch Suicune without having the Legendary dog immediately flee.

Pokemon Crystal was also the first opportunity for players to select between either playing as a girl or a boy. The inclusion of Pokemon Crystal in the eShop means trainers will also be able to add the game’s Pocket Monsters to the Pokémon Bank, allowing the created to be used in both Pokemon Ultra Sun and Pokemon Ultra Moon, the franchise’s latest games.

Pokémon Crystal is priced at $12.89 CAD in the eShop and is set to be available on January 26th.