Fido Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL to receive Wi-Fi calling support [Update]

The 2017 Pixel twins will also receive the Android 8.1 and December security updates


  • basesloadedwalk

    WiFi Calling is the new feature wireless providers are trying to leverage into holding their customers hostage. CRTC needs to force carriers to unlock these features.

    • orangedude

      Don’t think they can. Wi-Fi isn’t regulated like cellular spectrum.

    • Kent

      I think basesloadedwalk is referring to locking these features to phones purchased from the provider. If you use your Google store purchased Pixel 2, you are not eligible for the WiFi Calling feature (nor VoLTE). This seems to be the case for Android based phones, but does not apply to iPhones as Fido and Rogers support all of them for WiFi Calling.

  • Chris G

    Wonder if Rogers is joining in on this.

    • QAM_FREQ

      Hang on you’re saying that you have a Pixel 2 phone that you bought directly from the Google store and you are able to utilize Wi-Fi Calling and VoLTE? I am really hoping that this is the case 🙂

    • Chris G

      I wish. Mine is from Rogers. But hey it may be possible. Fingers crossed for you

  • Kent

    Only available on Pixel 2s purchased from Fido. Google store purchased versions fail registration.

    • Arman

      That is so useless, so if you bring your unlocked phone it won’t work!

    • Foreign Devil


  • Stephen B Morris

    I don’t get it. Both Duo and Hangouts do WiFi calling with caller ID. What is the difference?

    • davidnyarko

      From the Fido site: Wi-Fi Calling lets you use your phone in all the ways you’re used to, in more places. You can make and receive calls, plus send and receive messages or over Wi-Fi. It’s perfect for when you have no bars or a weak signal . SO you do not need an additional App for that. For example,on my LG G6 I can set wifi calling to cellular preferred or wifi preferred. On cellular preferred when i enter a location with no cellular signal, but wifi my phone switches according and i can still make and receives calls and sms with no intervention on my part. I use cellular preferred so i dont deal with my work wifi issues by having calls and sms use wifi first.

    • Stephen B Morris

      Thanks for breaking it down for me. I typically use Google’s phones so those apps are already there. I can see where it is slightly more convenient to be supported. That being said, there is no excuse for them not having this for all of their phones.