Contest: Win a Bell Google Pixel 2!


  • Uzair Abbas

    first entry lol. #1 never gets picked up in a contest so good luck to others!

  • Brian Abbott

    I have a 6P so I like a Google phone because they get the latest OS long before other Android phones and security patches are updated quicker. But it seems like there are some issues with the Pixel phone. I have not really had any issues with my 6P.

    • thereasoner

      There’s been a lot of issues from the start that have been or are addressable via updates but the severity of which have been grossly exaggerated imo. Even the display criticism has been overplayed in the media as it looks stunning in person.

      Seems like a bad year for bugs/flaws in general this year with the new iphones having many ongoing issues with iOS 11 as well. That said, Google can and should do better with a new phone release because as the creators of Android their devices are going to be held to a higher standard.

  • Scribler

    I have a Samsung phone and I am rather disappointed in updates and beta program. I am Google guide and I need a Google phone to check out the latest OS and security patches before other Android phones.

  • monkeymo

    I broke my OG Pixel so the 2nd edition would be great 🙂

  • Eluder

    My fiancée who has only ever had an iPhone told me she thought the Pixel 2 was really cool after seeing it at her cousin’s place. I’d love to get this for her as a Christmas gift!

    • The Finder

      That’s how I got my Pixel too. I met someone at a party and I used their camera. It was awesome and then I eventually got it.

  • Ipse

    A bit on the small size, but it’ll do 🙂

  • villain

    want! and been with bell for 20+ years sooo it works.

  • Kim Harrison

    Wow this is the phone I have been dreaming about I sure hope I win. Thanks Mobile Syrup love love love your site.

  • Desi Jatt

    I would love to win a Google Branded Phone.

  • danny wood

    That would be such a sweet Christmas present from MobileSyrup . Good luck everybody!

  • James Arsenault

    I believe I will win this phone because it will be my best christmas gift in years

  • Dave Mah

    Drool worthy! And just in time to upgrade from my Xperia Z3.

  • Brian Hwang

    Please pick me! I really want google Pixel 2. This is the best phone!! I really want this!! Thank you~!

  • Thomas Milne

    This is gonna be good!

  • Michael Atmosfera

    Does it say win a bell note 8 on this contest page for anybody else? Bc that’s what I’m seeing. Anyway good luck

    • Craig Newman

      Yes, Me too…

  • Stefan Trondsen

    Please me, my little girl is in and out of the hospital I’m loosing money because I’m not working, and the microphone has given out on this old phone

  • Justin

    Does it come unlocked at all ?

    • Jordan

      Yes. Required by law. Plus all Google phones are unlocked anyways. I’m guessing this is a Bell sponsored giveaway.

  • Craig Newman

    Is This for Note 8 or Pixel 2?

  • sammy

    Good luck all

  • Ryan Brassington

    Is this a Note 8 or Pixel 2? I mean I’ll take either… but not a Samsung fan. lol

  • steeephh

    I’m excited !