Tesla gets into the phone game with the Powerbank portable charger

Tesla Elon Musk

Tesla has been making headlines following the reveal of its ultra fast Roadster and Semi-truck, but the company has also been working on a phone-related product as well.

The Tesla Powerbank is a 3,350mAh capacity portable charger, which is rather small compared to other power banks on the market.

Tesla Powerbank

However, the Powerbank does feature an integrated Apple Lightning cable and a detachable micro USB to allow charging of both iOS and Android devices.

Beyond that and a small and sleek Tesla-branded design, however, the Powerbank seems to be a rather standard portable phone charger.

The Tesla Powerbank costs $60.00 CAD and is available on Tesla’s website. A miniature desktop Supercharger alternative — modelled after Tesla’s full-scale vehicle charging stations of the same name — can also be ordered for $60.00 on Tesla’s website.

Via: The Verge