Tesla unveils ‘Semi,’ the company’s long-awaited electric semi-truck, and new Roadster [Update]

The company unveiled a pick-up truck version of the Tesla Semi, as well as an updated Roadster


  • Mo Dabbas

    The tesla roadster is actually cool.
    For the Semi if production is gonna follow the steps of the model 3 then nobody will take it seriously. Model 3 production is a disaster at the moment (in case somebody didn’t know).

    • PΞTΞЯ™

      disaster is a bit of stretch … it’s just behind schedule… they’re still producing albeit at a slower pace

    • It’s Me

      They are more than behind schedule. Their level of production is a tiny fraction of where they expected to be at this point. At these levels it’s more of a sample run than a production run.

      Seriously, anyone outputting 1/5 to 1/10th of their expected output after years of prep, it’s a disaster. They’ll fix it, but right now it’s disaster.

    • Mo Dabbas

      Last time I checked they produced 260 units only. Ya. Not even a fraction of the ~500000 reservations they have.
      PS: they were supposed to produce 1500 for that period when they only made 260.

    • Goran Mihajlović

      Yeah 260 for a target of 1500. All targets are pushed back 3 months. They really needed Model 3 production to go relatively smoothly. I figure they can be forgiven for this if they actually meet their revised targets. Estimated are by mid November they hit 500 cars produced. Batteries and welding are cited as the two biggest reasons.

    • Mo Dabbas

      You know they still make some parts by hand because the machines they have can’t make quality ones (and that’s for tesla, a company that does not do much quality to begin with).
      Last time I read they only made 260 model 3 when they planned for 1500. I truly wonder how Elon is planning for more models to go out when there are still ~500000 model 3 customers who paid that reservation money and are still waiting to get the car.

  • Nadefrenzy


  • jonthomas123

    The general roadster isn’t 60k. It’s 200k usd with a 50k deposit. The founders edition is 250k with a 250k deposit.

  • It’s Me

    What’s the range on the trucks when pulling a full load with AC or heat cranked?

    • ciderrules

      I think the range they stated (500 miles) was with a full load. AC woukd have zero impact since it would be a tiny fraction of what’s required to pull a loaded trailer.

      Probably require a 1MW battery to do so. Which makes me seriously doubt Musks claims of 80% charge in 30 minutes. That would consume as much electricity as 200+ homes. Just to charge a single truck.

      The infrastructure to support charging stations where an entire fleet of these could recharge is going to be very difficult to achieve. And Musk thinks these will be powered by solar? Does he plan on only running these in the desert where there’s enough space to build a solar farm large enough to supply these trucks?

    • It’s Me

      I’m not so sure it was full. They said up to which is almost always used to imply best case. Which would be empty.

    • Brad Fortin

      500 miles is the range with a full 80,000 lb load while driving at highway speeds. Any AC or heat at that point would effectively be negligible.

  • AppleBerrySandwich

    Tesla can’t even get the Model 3 going and now they bring out more models? Talk about distractions!

  • Marshall Davidson

    This company is a Ponzi scheme. Musk would be well advised to focus on building a viable business plan that is profitable instead of rolling out products he has little hope of mass producing.

    • Mo Dabbas

      It’s a distraction from the model 3 disaster that’s currently going on.

    • Marshall Davidson

      Absolutely. That along with the Gigabit Factory and allegations of fraud that have been swirling around here for the past while.
      Tesla has been in business for over 10 years in its present incarnation and the idea it may be 2020 before some modest profit shows on the books is laughable considering how that’s unlikely to pan out either.
      At the end of the day Tesla vehicles are nothing more than expensive playthings for those with enough disposable income to put out for the privilege but the fact the company can’t mass produce these and make them mainstream speaks to a failure that few can comprehend. The board of directors should can his azz and find a CEO that knows how to run a business. Musk can stay on as executive chairman and showboat as long as he likes just as long as they keep him away from the operational side.

    • FlipFlopcarrot

      Well it maybe but so far majority of people who bough the cars are quite happy. As a company it may not be successful and Musks leadership may not be good but keep in mind that they have really pushed the market for electric cars. Soon you will see other manufacturers coming up with their own all electric cars with good mileage. There are many bottlenecks in company processes and several inefficiencies along the manufacturing line but it can be fixed if they hire the right people. Or these inefficiencies are due to poor production capacity primarily due to the limited operations of the company. Theu need to achieve economies of scale and considering that they keep production local it only bumps up the cost.